"T"ransfer of Wealth


Preparing in advance for what happens to your assets when something happens to you is imperative. What would happen if you were incapacitated during your earning years? What would happen if you were incapacitated during your retirement years? What happens to your retirement assets when you die? How would your children be provided for if something happened to you? What would happen to your business and those dependent on it for their livelihood if you did not return from your next business trip? No one really enjoys discussing these topics but if you have not addressed them the consequences could be devastating to you, those you love, and those that love you.

We believe that some of the greatest financial rewards come from addressing the most difficult topics. Being prepared for the unforeseen disability or the need for long term care can directly affect your personal quality of life. The old saying, “you can’t take it with you” is all too true but determining in advance what will be accomplished after your passing can only be done by you. You work hard your entire life for the quality of life that you want to provide for yourself and your loved ones, don’t allow that to be compromised by procrastinating or avoiding the subject. Have you prepared properly for the Transfer of your Wealth?